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Estate Planning

Estate Planning and Succession Planning

LG Legal and Consulting provide these estate planning and succession planning services:

  • Simple and complex estate planning

  • Wills (standard and testamentary trusts)

  • General and Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advanced Care Directives

  • Letters of Wishes

  • Superannuation and Binding Death Benefit Nominations (BDBNs)

  • Intergenerational family meetings

  • Business succession planning – companies, trusts and partnerships (including powers of attorney and shareholder and buy sell agreements)

What would happen to your family or your business
if something suddenly happened to you?

Do you have an estate plan that provides a mechanism for managing inheritances where there are minor children, or for beneficiaries who are not financially mature to manage an inheritance or protecting your beneficiaries that may be vulnerable to being sued, becoming bankrupt or a financial settlement due to a separation/divorce?

Are you in business with other people and have you thought about your exit strategy, whether by choice or otherwise? What is your value to the business worth?

Estate planning is more than just having a Will. If you are single, in a de facto relationship, married, recently separated, divorced, a widow/er, have children (biological, adopted, surrogate or otherwise), don’t have children or are part of a blended family, then you need an estate plan.

Download our Estate Planning Considerations Flyer. You can use it as a checklist before you contact us.

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